Angus Young opened up about watching his brother Malcolm Young battle dementia in a new interview with 60 Minutes Australia.

Embedded below, the interview also featured singer Brian Johnson. Beginning at the 9:27 mark, the interview turns to the loss of Malcolm. When talking about his brother’s battle with dementia, Angus says, “I think the hardest part was not so much in parting, because that was a kind of end, you know – the relief. The decline, that’s the hard part, because you knew him, and then to see that was gone.”

Visibly getting emotional, Angus continued, “Even to the end, if I was there, from here to here he had a big smile. And I think that was probably, for me, that always gave me a kind of joy, even though he was in that state. That was always the joy of it. He still got a great kick if I played him guitar. He would try to tap his foot. But he always knew I was there.”

Johnson, too, was visibly emotional during this segment. When asked what it was like to be like a brother to Malcolm and watch his decline, Johnson said, “Very emotional when he went. It’s all too soon, isn’t it? Too quick and too soon.”

AC/DC released Power Up, their 17th studio album, last week which serves as a tribute to Malcolm.


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