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Several countries are requiring visitors to show proof of a negative coronavirus test before they can enter. According to the New York Post, some people are so desperate to travel they are turning to the black market.

They state, “Last week, French officials arrested six men and one woman for reportedly selling false test certificates to travelers for between $180 and $360 at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris.” They were charged with forgery and fraud. Forged negative coronavirus tests have also been spotted in other countries like Brazil, Ethiopia, and the UK.

There have even been occasions where travel agents have promised they could provide a negative test result for a traveler even if they tested positive.

Because this is on the rise, protocols are becoming more high-tech, and some places are using better regulations to avoid fraud. For example, to visit Hawaii, guests must use an approved testing partner, register with Hawaii’s testing program, and upload their results online.

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