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A UK woman by the name of  Rosemary Frank did everything she could to stay alive after suffering a fall in her home. Per the New York Post, the 91-year-old survived by eating soil from her potted plant in her bedroom.

Rosemary was about six hours from death when a volunteer driver checked on her after she missed her regular ride to a hair salon.

She said all she remembers is waking up and being covered in a pile of dirt from a plant her son gave her. She said, “The last thing I remember was speaking with my daughter Caroline in Canada on Sunday night. The next thing I know it was Tuesday and I was in a hospital.”

She adds, “They found soil in my stomach so I must have eaten some in desperation to try and stay alive.” She also says that the soil was all over her face and fingernails.

Her son had just given Rosemary the plant a few days before the incident because he was moving and didn’t have room for it.  It was also recently re-potted, which meant that it wasn’t as dry as normal.

Although Frank is okay,  she was severely dehydrated after the fall and fractured her wrist in three places.

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