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Foo Fighters dropped some massive news this weekend . From what Dave Grohl has to say, this new album is going to sound like nothing else from the Foos’ catalog.

In a new interview with NME, Grohl said, “A lot of our favorite records have these big grooves and riffs. I hate to call it a funk or dance record, but it’s more energetic in a lot of ways than anything we’ve ever done and it was really designed to be that Saturday night party album.”

He continued, “It was written and sequenced in a way that you put on, and nine songs later you’ll just put it on again. Y’know, songs like ‘Making A Fire’. To me, that’s rooted in Sly & The Family Stone grooves, but amplified in the way that the Foo Fighters do it.

Grohl infamously said in a May interview with Consequence of Sound how the Foo Fighters’ tenth studio album would be He detailed that explanation further to NME saying, “Then there’s [the song] ‘Medicine At Midnight’, that’s our David Bowie‘s ‘Let’s Dance’. It’s a huge f—ing rock song that I imagine opening every festival from here to Melbourne! Every song is a little bit different but they all have something that feels fresh and I like it!”

Grohl, ever the busy frontman, said in another new interview of the band’s direction, “I honestly think we’re capable of doing almost anything. So, if we put our minds to it, we can kind of chameleon and turn into a death metal band or we could be like the Carpenters. So, we just have to decide, come together and make the decision, like, ‘All right, which way we want to go? … Which way are we going to turn the wheel?’ And this time we did it to make this party record.”

Medicine at Midnight comes out February 5, 2021 and is available for pre-order/pre-save here. Physical copies, including a limited edition purple swirl vinyl version, and exclusive new album merch is available at Shop.FooFighters.com. “Shame Shame” is available for streaming and download here.

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