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New Single Available Now!

Common Wealth just dropped a killer new single.  “American Dream” comes across as a hard, heavy look at America in 2020.  It responds to an uncertain world with a message of strength and perseverance. Listening to it, one would assume it is a direct reaction to what has been one of the most turbulent years ever.  However, this track pre-dates the events of 2020.  “We wrote the song before all of this happened,” Christian Carson said on a recent Jersey Rock Podcast.  “It just turned out to be really relevant with what ended up happening in the world.”

Another odd coincidence is one of the first scenes of the music video.  Carson appears wearing a face mask, which he promptly rips off.  It looks like a statement on the pandemic, however the scene was shot well-before covid-19 reached our shores, putting it well ahead of any mask mandates.  From there the video kicks into high gear.  Like this year, it hits the ground running and never stops.  It’s an all-out audio assault.  Unlike this year, it’s actually quite enjoyable.

“American Dream” was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Westfall Recording Co. in Farmindale, NY.  The video was filmed by Austin Hein.

Keep an eye out for Common Wealth’s debut full-length album.  “Nevertheless” will be released in the near future.  In the mean time, check out “American Dream” at

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