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Foo Fighters continue to tease some sort of announcement, which many believe is a new album.

The band has been sharing multiple videos via Twitter since November 4. Each video starts with an image of a band member and then it zooms to a close up on one of their eyes. Each video is also accompanied by an instrumental track, and with each new video, different musical elements are added to the track.

Per Uproxx, “The Shazam app identifies the audio as coming from a Foo Fighters song called ‘Shame Shame,’ which appears on an album supposedly called ‘Medicine At Midnight.’ ‘Medicine At Midnight’ is also believed to be the title of one of the songs on the album. The band has yet to announce an album title, tracklist, or release date.”

This development comes after some buzz around the band possibly teasing a new album following ominous projections of the band's logo next to an X, which is the Roman numerical equal to 10, appearing around southern California.

Foo Fighters will be appearing on tomorrow night's episode of Saturday Night Live which is being hosted by Dave Chappelle.

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