Godspeed to the great Sean Connery…the iconic actor died over the weekend at age 90.

Mr. Connery was a true Hollywood legend…and made countless great films.

So, we’re making a list!   It’s East Side Dave’s Top 5 Sean Connery Movies!   Enjoy!


5.) The Rock

Sean teams up with the crazy Nicolas Cage in this fun movie about a terrorist group on Alcatraz.



4.) Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Connery plays Harrison Ford’s father in this extremely entertaining Indiana Jones picture.  The two have tremendous chemistry…and the result is box office gold.



3.) The Hunt For Red October

Sean shows range in this incredible movie about a Russian nuclear submarine commander who may or may not be defecting to America.



2.) The Untouchables

Mr. Connery picked up his first and only Oscar Award…for his fantastic performance as Malone in this badass gangster flick.



1.) Dr. No

Sean Connery: the FIRST James Bond ever…the BEST James Bond ever.  Dr. No was Connery’s debut as 007…and it began one of the greatest franchises in Hollywood history.



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