RAT Rock News

Greta Van Fleet took to social media the day before the 2020 Presidental Election to remind their fans to vote in a very cheeky way, literally.

The band shared two photos of themselves standing on the side of a road with their pants down (undies, too) along with the caption, “Don’t be an ass, vote.” I’ve been advised not to embed the revealing photos, but if you want to see the bare butts of the GVF guys, click here.

Many musicians across all genres have been very vocal about getting their fans to vote and be active in this election cycle. While there certainly wasn’t an official competition on who had the best messaging for their fans, I think it’s safe to declare Greta Van Fleet the unofficial winners. Oh, and while these photos weren’t meant to launch a competition on who has the best ass in the band, based on these photos alone, the clear winner has to be Jake Kiszka. He just seemed to stand with the most confidence, and that goes a long way in my book.

In other GVF news: The band released “My Way, Soon” last month, their first new song in a year.

In a statement on the track, singer Josh Kiszka said, “This song was inspired by what three years of touring did by opening so many doorways. This is my truth, how I feel about all of our travels, but I know it echoes the experiences and changes of perspectives for Jake, Sam and Danny as well.”

“My Way, Soon” is available for streaming and download here.

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