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WRAT’s Haunted Halloween House Party

There’s one thing that’s totally sucking about COVID-19 this fall…. And that’s the complete LACK of the annual 95.9 The Rat Halloween Party.

Hard Rock Halloween Decoration Contest

Seriously:  THIS STINKS!  It’s our favorite annual get together… Always a great time at Martell’s with the free food, the live tunes and TONS OF TOTALLY AWESOME costumes.

So… we decided it would be fun to put together a photo gallery of some of the fun moments from years past… even going back to the very first one in 1997!  Enjoy!

Carl Craft is studying here on earth for a short time and trying to make the most of it... with varying amounts of success. He's heard every morning on The Morning Rat Race. Sometimes he goes, "sock / shoe, sock / shoe" which we think is a sign of some kind of psychosis...