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Adam Sandler was being interviewed recently when he revealed some very surprising information…

Apparently, the role in Happy Gilmore that Bob Barker ended up playing was originally written for Ed McMahon (this is the part of the movie where Happy golfs with a celebrity in a tournament).

But Ed had one condition…in the famous fight scene in which Happy would have gotten into an altercation with him…Ed demanded to be the winner.

Unfortunately, the script called for Happy to punch the celeb in the face…so Ed was out…and Bob was in!  I guess Mr. Barker doesn’t mind getting decked!

Anyway…this led us to speculate…who would win in a fight?  Bob Barker Vs. Ed McMahon!   Vote below!

– East Side Dave


Bob Barker  (Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images).   6 feet, 1 inches.   170 pounds.   Reach: 70 inches.   X-Factor: Black Belt in karate.


Ed McMahon  (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images).    6 foot, 4 inches.   220 pounds.   Reach: 71 inches.   X-Factor: Marine.


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