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New EP “Slumlords of NJ” Available Now!

Rahway is back with a brand new EP! “Slumlords of NJ” is a 5-song guitar-driven release.  It will get your head banging and your adrenaline flowing.  “Slumlords of NJ” is not only well-received, it is arguably Rahway’s best effort to date.  The EP was produced by Mike Orlando of Adrenaline Mob at his Stonic Stomp Studios in Staten Island.

Score a download of “Slumlords of NJ” at  Physical copies will be available when in-person performances resume.

The video for “Stone” opens with a TMZ-style paparazzi interrogation of the band as the enter the studio.  The excitement begins when the action shifts inside and the band begins to play.  According to bass player Tim Louie “it’s actually one of my favorite songs on the record” “its heavy, in your face; it rocks.” Louie’s statement is spot on. “Stone” is a high-octane rush.  It’s a single with unquestionable power and clear mass-appeal potential.  This track should garner attention far beyond the slums of NJ!

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Check out the video for “Stone”: