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Debut Singles Out Now!

Cultt Of She is the evolved form of Jersey Rock veterans Roulette.  It’s the same lineup with a new name but the real change is with the band’s sound. Already possessing great technical prowess, they have definitely taken things to the next level.  Cultt of She delivers a heavy, driving Hard Rock experience with a little Punk mixed in and a serious Metal edge.  Their debut singles “Everybody Hates Me” and “One Bad Day Away” are excellent statements about the group’s direction.  Cultt Of She is ready for your attention.

The video for “One Bad Day Away” captures the feel and the meaning behind the song perfectly.  The visuals and sonic energies are on the edge, delivering the sense of someone desparately trying to hold on to the the freyed ends of sanity.  Oddly enough, its the kind of song that would help preserve one’s sanity during an excessively rough patch.  It’s catchy, energetic, and just screams “repeat.” It’s the perfect tune to help you face the final quarter of 2020 so buckle up and turn this track up to 11! The video for “One Bad Day Away” was produced by 10PRL Films.

Cultt Of She is currently working on their debut album “The Void.” Stay on top of that and everything else they are doing at!

Check out the video for “One Bady Day Away”!


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