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Ballots and more are on the way… What do you need to know?

By now you’ve heard that there’s an election coming, right?

LOL, of course… And there might be some confusion surrounding how this election is going to move forward because of the complications of COVID-19.  So, to help out a bit, we’ve got this handy guide.

According to state law, this election will featuring voting that’s not cast in person at polling places.  All registered voters are to receive a ballot in the mail without needing to request one.

If you recall, this was how the primary election was handled earlier in the year.  If you were registered to one of the two parties, you got a ballot in the mail automatically.

For the General Election on November 3rd, it’s important to note that polling places will only be open for disabled people to use.  They’ll be open from 6am until 8pm on election day.  If you’re not disabled and still wish to vote at a polling place, you’ll be voting on a paper provisional ballot.

By law, ballots are to be mailed to registered voters, regardless of party affiliation, by October 5, 2020.

The Monmouth County Clerk has advised that all voters should try to return their ballots as early as possible after receiving them. 

Important:  Don’t forget to turn the ballot over and weigh in on the 3 questions (this is where you can decide whether or not recreational marijuana will be legal in the state). 

The Garden State voter will have a choice about what to do with it:

  1.  The voter may mail the ballot by placing it in a mail box.  No stamp is necessary, nor will a stamp quicken the delivery of your ballot to the board of elections.
  2. The voter may drop the ballot off at the county board of elections.
  3. The voter may drop off the ballot at an actual polling place on election day.
  4. The voter may drop the ballot off at a drop box in the county in which they reside.  See next two lines for locations of drop boxes.

Click HERE for a full list of locations of Monmouth County ballot drop boxes.

Click HERE for a full list of locations of Ocean County ballot drop boxes.

Both County Clerks Offices say that the drop boxes are secure and under constant surveillance.  You do not have to reside in the town that you are dropping your ballot into.  In other words, if you live in Freehold you can drop off your ballot to a box at a drop off box in Allenhurst.

Note:  There’s a limit to the number of ballots that one person can deliver.  Voters may only deliver three ballots (in addition to their own) to a drop box, mail box, and in-person to the County Board of Elections in Freehold.

As for the ballots themselves:  sample ballots will NOT be mailed out to registered voters.  This is probably to avoid confusion.  Instead, registered voters got an information postcard not long ago.

Click HERE If you’d like to see a sample ballot for your area in Monmouth County.

Click HERE if you’d like to see a sample ballot for your area in Ocean County.

Please be advised that state law requires you to sign the certificate of mail-in voter on the inner envelope which you will place the ballot in, even though you may not have applied for this ballot. The state law acts as your application for the purpose of this election.

The directions on the ballot are simple… but they’re also very specific and must be followed in order for your vote to be counted… So, pay attention!

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