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View from the center of the balcony.

Carl Craft here, check out some exclusive pictures!

I asked our dear pal, Jon Vena (Vice President for Marketing and Public Relations), for a quick private tour last week after getting word that the paint was drying on their new, smaller venue… “The Vogel” (which is attached to the same building that houses the classic Count Basie Center for the Arts on Monmouth Street in Red Bank).

What I found made me sooo jones for live music in a club.  I realized as I was standing in the middle of this brand new room that it had been  m o n t h s  since I stepped foot in a live concert venue… and I gotta say, it felt great and also a little bit sad.

The Vogel is named for a music industry veteran who has deep pockets and shares our love of live music.

This new performance space is currently set up to do only sit-down, socially distanced concert events (stay tuned to 95.9 The Rat for information about upcoming announcements).  As you can see in the pictures below, the seating looks quite spaced out and very comfortable… But, when the time comes that we can do a normally spaced rock concert, I can tell you that this room will be a great one.

Check out this video I snagged the first time I walked in the room.

First Peek at The Vogel at The Count Basie Center for the Arts

WRAT's Carl Craft popped in to the historic theater on Monmouth Street in Red Bank for a first-hand first look at the new performance space. Due to COVID it'...

It looks and feels like a great rock club.  Ample space on the floor for people, good access to a large bar, and a very cool balcony area that feels really big (with  it’s own bar service area and a pretty swank VIP section).  In fact, that’s the over all feeling in there:  Despite the fact that it’s a low capacity room it’s got lots of space.

The sound and lighting are, as to be expected, top notch… and the stage itself is enormous for such a capacity room and I think that will make the artists really happy and comfortable on stage.

So… as if I could be any more excited about the prospects of live music returning to the Jersey Shore… now I’m totally juiced!

Check out my pic gallery of the new space and here’s a very cool video from the crew at The Vogel:

Introducing THE VOGEL at the Count Basie Center for the Arts

The Count Basie Center for the Arts has unveiled its long-awaited second performance venue: The Vogel. Opening October 2020 for safe, socially distant concer...





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