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(Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for FYF)

This guy pulled it off while on the news talking about wildfire evacuation…

And I’m over here thinking, “Is this guy totally savage or totally stupid?!?”

CNN was interviewing some guy in suburban L.A. about his evacuation plans because of the wildfires.  He talks about loading his musical equipment into his truck, and then sneaks in a plug for his band, “Destiny Returns”.

I might as well include a link to the band, after all… a plug is a plug is a plug.  So, here’s your plug dude and on top of it all I’m here in New Jersey hoping you’re safe and your stuff is safe too!

Here’s the video:

How to plug your band during a wildfire crisis

Had to laugh at this great little promo for this dudes band. Hope you guys stay safe :)

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