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New Single Available Now! New Album Coming 9/25!

Get ready for a brand new album from Connor Bracken And The Mother Leeds Band!  “Nightbird Motel” will be available on 9/25.  Ahead of the LP release, the band has put out 5 singles.  The subject of this week’s Jersey Rock Video of the Week, “Dream Of You And Me,” is one of those tracks.

Regarding the new single the band said “after finding where we needed to be, and the path we needed to take to get there, we had the album but it needed one last song – the big finale that the band has come to be known for. We reached where we wanted to go and it was time to put it to bed. “Dream of You and Me” is a look back on the whole thing and places a big period on the adventure.”

The video for the new single is a stripped-down but still electric session in the great outdoors.  It features Connor Bracken, performing solo.  He was “filmed safely at a distance” by Graham Bredbenner with assistance from Cassaundra Bracken.  The track was mixed by Jeff Bredbenner and edited by Joey Lupo.

Stay tuned to Jersey Rock on 95.9 The Rat for an on-air feature on the new album from Connor Bracken And The Mother Leeds Band later this month!

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Check out the video for “Dream Of You And Me”!

Connor Bracken - Dream of You and Me (Wilderness Session)

Sequestered in the Massachusetts wilderness Connor celebrates the release of the new single "Dream of You and Me" with a solo performance of the track. Filme...