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Cranking Out Super Cool Covers Faster Than A Speeding Bullet!

It’s a band! They can play!  They’re The NPCs!

And it will take a lot more than a pocket full of kryptonite to stop this collaborative musical effort.  Formed in the midst of a live music shutdown, the ever-expanding group released their debut single in July.   Like an infinite Megazord, more and more pieces keep attaching to this over-the-top cover-producing machine.   They’re back with another epic release and this time they have 56 artists lending their talent to the effort.

The NPCs cover of Goldfinger’s “Superman” was put out to honor the release of the remastered Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1+ 2.  It is a truly super cover, with the video to match.  Goldfinger agrees. The originators of the track shared the NPCs video on their official facebook fan page, writing “This is rad!”shortly after it’s release.  Bullets will definitely bounce off that seal of approval!

The NPCs cover of “Superman” is powered by members of Back Up Jackson, Backyard Heroes, Backyard Superheroes, Ballyhoo!, Beat Brigade Big D and the Kids Table, Contraband Counterpunch, DangIt, DFTBA, Disposable, Fat Chance, Flying Raccoon Suit, For the Record, Go Big, Housebound, Ska Collective, Hub City Stompers, I Can’t Even, Joker’s Republic, Los Skagaleros, Loveonacid, Nate Funk, New Riot, No Vertebrae, Out Of Control Army, “Pick It Up!, Ska in the ’90’s”, Public Serpents, Short Notice, Ska’d 4 Life, Stop The Presses, Suburban Legends, The Day After, The Resignators, The Rusty Monks, The Schwam, The Scotch Bonnets, The Skluttz, Thirteen Towers/The Skluttz Toybox Brigade, and Uptown Sound.

The NPCs are lead by Josh Hershkovtiz of Backyard Superheroes.  They are always looking for new members.  Learn more at

Check out the video for “Superman”!

The NPCs - Superman (Goldfinger Cover with 56 Musicians!)

Hey a kickflip! What do you get when you take a bunch of musicians from all over the world, mixed with the release of one of the greatest video gam...