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New Single Out Now!

In the midst of a truly horrific year, Manny Cabo has released an uplifting, beautiful piano balled. “All Night Again” is an anthem for the Covid-19 era and a thank you to everyone on the frontlines of the pandemic. It’s about the sacrifice so many health workers and essential employees have made.  It shines a light for those lamenting lost time with loved ones and looks forward to a world where social distancing is no longer necessary.  According to Many Cabo’s official youtube page “It’s a song that recognizes their self-sacrifice, loneliness, and above all, their love.”

“All Night Again” is available on all streaming platforms.  Learn more HERE.

Manny Cabo will perform on this week’s Jersey Rock Home Showcase.  Don’t miss him this Thursday 8/27 at 9:00 pm at!

Check out Manny Cabo’s music, his “Mojo For Musicians” podcast series, and his “Live To Inspire” clothing line at!

Check out the video for “All Night Again”!