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(Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

What happens when a kid gets bored in Coronavirus lockdown?

An 11 year kid in Llandyrnog, Wales, got bored in lockdown and started drawing stuff, what’s he like to draw?  Roller coasters.  But finally, he settled on drawing one that could fit in his backyard.

And, when he showed his drawing to his engineer uncle on a zoom meeting… the uncle said, “Hey, I think I can build that”.

Because, that’s what engineers do.  They build stuff… and argue about how to build stuff…

So, once the lockdown ended in England:  the uncle and his 20 year old son when over the 11 year old’s house and actually built the coaster in their backyard.

Calden – the kid – obviously loves it.  It’s 230 feet long and is named the “Big Dipper”


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