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“Whiskey Fueled” Album Out Now!

Incognito Theory frontman Dave Incognito called in to this week’s Jersey Rock Podcast to talk about what his band is up to.  They’re currently working on a brand new album and have 2 songs completed.  According to Incognito, the first 2 albums marked a progression in the band’s sound.  Their debut release “Ashes Divide” introduced the world to Incognito Theory while the band’s sophomore effort “Whiskey Fueled” took the band in an harder direction that has been described as “Pantera meets Black Sabbath.”  For the upcoming release Incognito said “Let’s have something for everybody for this record.”

Check out the interview with Dave Incognito HERE.

Keep an eye out for the new album this winter. The lead single “Fired Up” is coming in September with a music video on Halloween!

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The track “Unbroken But Scarred,” is about persevering through hardship and looking forward to better days.  It’s one of the most popular tunes from “Whiskey Fueled.”  The video was produced by Marc Petrik.  Check it out!