Jersey Rock

Hosted by Tom Hanley Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 11:30 pm

Natalie Farrell and Lou Panico delivered an epic tag team performance on last week’s Jersey Rock Home Showcase!

Natalie Farrell’s “Natality” EP is out now and she just released a brand new quarantine music video.  Learn more at

Lou Panico is a very busy artist.  In addition to playing in Natlie’s band, he can also be seen with Levy & The Oaks and his Beatles tribute act The Abbey Road Allstars.  Learn more at and!

The Jersey Rock Home Showcase takes over every Thursday at 9:00 pm with a home performance from a different NJ act.  The series continues this week with Natalie Farrell and Lou Panico.  It’s powered by Yuengling.

Look up the full Jersey Rock Home Showcase schedule HERE.  We’re always adding new performances!

Watch Natlie Farrell and Lou Panico rock the series!