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“Who cares.”

It’s such a simple phrase.  No thrills.  No spills.

And, yet, I find this basic statement to be the least helpful, least insightful, and least creative comment on Facebook.

Imagine being one of those people that is so narcissistic, that every time someone posts something they find interesting, your only response is “Who cares.”

Music Fan: The Rolling Stones are putting out a new album.

Boring Guy: Who cares.

Happy Individual: I just won the lottery!

Boring Guy: Who cares.

Concerned Citizen: Elephants are falling from the sky!!

Boring Guy: Who cares.

Do you see my point?  Let me give you some advice…if you really don’t care…keep scrolling…or log off entirely!!  It’s that easy!!

This has been “East Side” Dave…and this has been my soapbox…thank you.

"East Side" Dave McDonald. Co-Host Of The Morning Rat Race. (6 to 10 AM).