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They are nothing short of the Avengers of Ska, however these days they just can’t assemble.  Like many bands in the Covid-19 era, Backyard Superheroes  have not been able to practice and certainly have not been able to perform.  That however has not stopped them from putting out awesome music.  If anything it provided the perfect inspiration for one of the band’s best tracks to date.  Lead singer/guitar player Josh Hershkovitz came up with the idea for “Most Of All” around 2 AM, while lamenting his band’s quarantine situation.  He brought it to the band during their weekly video meeting and a new mission quickly unfolded.  Each member secured proper recording equipment and went about recording the new tune remotely. The song was mixed by Len at Landmine Studios.  The end result is anthem for the lockdown era that looks ahead to a positive future.

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When he called in to the Jersey Rock Weekly Podcast back in June, Josh Hershkovitz said “honestly the track’s probably my favorite track I’ve ever put out.”  He went on to say “It’s all about being stuck at home, missing your friends, and waiting for life to get back to normal.”

The video for “Most Of All” captures that sentiment perfectly.  Like the song, it was produced remotely.  It stands as a video time capsule for a strange, frustrating time.  However, as frustrating as this era may be, this video is chock full of fun!