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New Album “Whore Of Babylon” Out Now!

Newark native Mike Lepond is renowned for his work as the Bass player of Symphony X.  He is considered by many to be one of the most skillful bassists in Metal.  While the Progressive Metal he helped produce has brought him much acclaim, Lepond wanted something more.  A desire to channel his musical influences (Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden) into his own brand of classical Heavy Metal drove him to work on his own solo project.  He found time in between Symphony X tours to write music and in 2014 Mike Lepond’s Silent Assassins began their own history.  That year, the band released their debut album.  A sophomore release followed in 2018.

Joining Lepond on his musical quest are Alan Tecchio on vocals, Lance Barnewold on guitar, and Rod Rivera on guitar.

The latest album from Mike Lepond’s Silent Assassins was released in June of this year.  “Whore Of Bablyon”  is the third entry in Lepond’s solo project and is essentially a Heavy Metal course in world history.  Lepond drew inspiration from documentaries he viewed on The History Channel to come up with song ideas.  Combining his love for music and history, he produced an album that is nothing short of an epic trek through time. “Whore Of Bablyon” is an educational experience that will get your adrenaline flowing.  There’s even a track that was influenced by Game Of Thrones!

Listen to the album on all streaming platforms.  Stream it, download the digital version, or grab the CD on!

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Tune to Jersey Rock on 95.9 The Rat Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 11:30 pm to hear cuts from the release.  Mike Lepond will call in to the show each night!

Check out the video for “Ides Of March”!

Mike LePond's Silent Assassins - Ides of March (Official Lyric Video)

Ides of March is the third single from Mike LePond's Silent Assassins new album 'Whore of Babylon' out now, available to order here: