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Debut Album “Pragmatic Sanction” Coming 8/7!

Diciples Of Verity is comprised of a number of NJ Rock veterans.  The band includes George Pond (Negative Sky) on bass, Corey Pierce (God Forbid) on drums, Mark Monjoy (Sekond Skyn) on guitar and Danny Puma on lead guitar.  Standing front and center, the voice of the band is none other than Living Colour lead singer Corey Glover.  Glover’s powerful, soulful voice blends perfectly with the driving instrumental work of his bandmates.

Disciples Of Verity describe their upcoming debut album “Pragmatic Sanction” as “a new breed of crossover Metal.” The album boasts guest appearances from a number of Platinum-Selling and Grammy-Award winning artists including Morgan Roase (Sevendust), Phil Demmel (Machine Head), Jeff Loomis (Arch Enemy), Tara McLeod (Kitty), JJ Sammataro (Negative Sky) and solo artist Joe Gareri.

Disciples Of Verity is much more than a star-studded creative collaboration or a hard-hitting Heavy Metal supergroup.  Disciples Of Verity is an excercise in pushing musical limits and exceeding them.  It is a high-octane journey into the unknown; a wild ride that is more than worth the fare. With a sound that perfectly blends modern and classic elements, Disciples Of Verity is the audio equivalent of the new C8 Corvette.   Buckle up.

“Pragmatic Sanction” will be released on 8/7.  Pre-order it now at!

Disciples Of Verity are scheduled to rock Dingbatz in Clifton on Friday 10/23.  In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic that date is subject to change.  Stay on top of it on the facebook event page!

Tune to Jersey Rock on 95.9 The Rat Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 11:30 pm to hear cuts from Disciples Of Verity’s debut album “Pragmatic Sanction.” Corey Glover will call in to the show each night!

Learn more at!

Check out the lyric video for “Worthy”!

Disciples Of Verity "Worthy"

Worthy featuring Jeff Loomis on guitar is the first track off of Disciples Of Verity's upcoming full length release Pragmatic Sanction. (Scheduled for a Wint...