“East Side” Dave of the Morning Rat Race here and I have one question for ya…Who loves Primus?!   

I love Primus!   I can tell you that much right now!   I’ve seen them at the Stone Pony Summer Stage too many times to count…I’ve witnessed them rock Radio City Music Hall…and experienced the band at the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Tennessee.   And every time, they put on an AMAZING sonic and visual show.

In short…Primus rules.  So, I’ve decided to make a list…it’s East Side Dave’s Top 5 Primus Videos!



5.) The Devil Went Down To Georgia

Les Claypool and company cover this 1970’s classic from the Charlie Daniels Band…and the video is entertaining as hell.

4.) Mr. Krinkle

There is a LOT going on in this clip…all of it crazy and 100% fantastic.


3.) Southbound Pachyderm

The bass-line is remarkable…conjuring up memories of Animals-era Pink Floyd…and the claymation in the video is extremely cool.


2.) My Name Is Mud

Why is this video so awesome?  I contend that the menacing and dark vibes echo the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre…and that’s a good thing.


1.) Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver

The band dressed up like that creepy family from the (somewhat scary) 1990’s Duracell commercials…producing the following video…which is insane, a little disturbing, and absolutely epic.


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