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Lars Ulrich gave a pediatric nurse from Long Island the surprise of a lifetime on last night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Pediatric ICU nurse Tracey Bednar was Kimmel’s #HealthCareHero guest, which has been an ongoing segment during the coronavirus pandemic. Bednar talked about how she often blares Metallica on her drive home from the hospital after her shift, which was then Ulrich’s cue to enter the video chat.

Not only did Kimmel surprise Bednar with $10,000 courtesy of Big Lots and gift cards for all of her employees, but Ulrich is sending Bednar a copy of Metallica’s new S&M2 box set signed by the whole band. On top of that, Ulrich said Bednar will get to be the band’s special guest next time they play the Long Island area.

The entire wholesome moment can be viewed below.


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