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On the show today, Carl and I were wondering: “What ever happened to the old school, TV sitcom, theme song?”    These days, most shows begin with a cold opening.   And the theme song has, for the most part, gone the way of the dodo.   Carl and I then got into a very contentious debate over what is the best sitcom theme song ever.

So, I’m making a list.   And here are the rules: the song must have vocals (sorry, but that means that classics like The Simpsons or Seinfeld are ineligible).   And the theme can’t be an existing song re-purposed for the show (thus, a re-imagined version of “Crazy Train” for The Osbournes or the pre-existing song from The Rembrandts for Friends are also ineligible).

OK, now that we have the guidelines set…let’s get right into it!   Behold!   It’s “East Side” Dave’s Top 5 TV Sitcom Themes Of All Time!


5.) Mr. Belevedere

Before you scoff, I urge you to reconsider.  The theme to Mr. Belvedere was sung by the great, late Leon Redbone…and it’s really damn good.  No scoffing.


4.) All In The Family

The originality of this theme is why it has landed on the list.   Not only do you have this ol’ timey, quaint and catchy tune which gives you great feelings of nostalgia, but you also have the two lead actors performing the song itself.   Awesome.


3.) The Jeffersons

If this exciting theme doesn’t inspire to get up and dance and clap and have a party…then you may be dead inside.

The Jefferson's Theme Song Video

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2.) Welcome Back Kotter

The Lovin’ Spoonful’s John Sebastian wrote and performed this song for the famous John Travolta/Gave Kaplan series.   The track was such a hit, it actually reached Number One on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.


1.) Cheers

We really don’t need to write a lengthy description for this one.   The Cheers theme is beyond iconic…and is still used in commercials and other forms of pop culture to this day.

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