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Kodiak rocked the Jersey Rock Showcase at The Wonder Bar in Asbury Park this winter with a over-the-top Arena Rock set that left many in attendance talking.  The consensus was though they are one of the younger bands on the Jersey Rock scene, they perform like seasoned veterans.  Their technical proficiency is matched only by their engaging stage presence.  Simply stated, they are an act to be watched.

Kodiak is mentored by Carmine Appice, who has likened the group to a young Van Halen.  The band currently has 2 singles available.  You can check them out at

Kodiak has everything it takes to make it on the national scene.  Beyond their abilities, they are a hungry, hard-working act. We look forward to watching this band grow!

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The Jersey Rock Home Showcase rocks every Thursday at 9:00 pm with home performances from the local bands who make NJ rock!  It’s powered by Yuengling.  Check out Kodiak’s killer full-band, electric set!

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