“East Side” Dave of the Morning Rat Race here.   I was at the Justice For George Floyd rally in Asbury Park yesterday.   And it was an inspiring experience.

The event from 5 PM to 8PM was peaceful and positive.   The rally started in front of the Asbury Park Post Office, where speakers were met with an enthusiastic reception from the crowd.

Then, the rally evolved into a parade that marched down Main Street and along Memorial Drive, with no incidents (we understand that arrests were made…but these arrests were made after the official rally had concluded).

It was quite uplifting to feel the good vibes during such a serious event; one which was filled with strength, pride, and even joy.

And on a personal note, my grandparents (Genevieve and Walter Range) moved from the Bronx to Asbury Park in the late ’60’s…and stayed happily in Asbury until my grandpa’s passing in the early ’90’s.  As a kid, I loved it when my grandma would take me to the Rendezvous (a circus-themed restaurant which was located on Cookman), and then we’d swing by Palace Amusements.   I thought Asbury was magical as a child…and yesterday…many of those same vibes came back.   Thank you, Asbury!

Photos by “East Side” Dave McDonald (WRAT, 95.9 FM)

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