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“Whiskey-Fueled” Album Out Now!

Even with live music on hold Incognito Theory manages to deliver.  The veteran Heavy Metal act recently released a brand new music video for the latest single off their “Whiskey Fueled” album.  “Still Life” is an electric track with a fitting music video that literally brings a still-life image to life. Set in-front of a black and white image of a cathedral, the video for “Still Life” incorporates animated lighting strikes with on-screen lyrics and filtered images of the band.  Like a still-life painting it deftly captures the songs essence.  Unlike, a still-life painting, it provides action to match the song’s intensity.

Incognito Theory’s latest album “Whiskey Fueled” is available now at!

The video for “Still Life” was filmed and directed by Marc Petrick.  Check it out!