Jersey Rock

Hosted by Tom Hanley Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 11:30 pm

Rocking Facebook Live on Wednesday 6/13!

Jammin’ For Jaclyn is an annual concert that benefits 2 area cancer patients.  It is founded and organized by Ron and Denise Morgan and local musician Michael Squillace.  Funds raised from this year’s event will cover the medical costs of Sienna Smith and Chris Szatkowski.

The benefit is usually an all-day, in-person concert, however, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, this year’s show will be an online streaming event.  Jammin’ For Jaclyn will rock facebook live @jamminforjaclyn on Wednesday 6/13 from 7:00 to 10:30 pm.  Here’s the schedule:

John Walsh 7:00-7:20

The Foes Of Fern 7:20-7:40

Levy Okun 7:40-8:00

Sof 8:00-8:25

Natalie Farrell 8:25-8:45

Sahara Moon Music 8:45-9:10

Jake Tavill 9:15-9:40

Nick Ryan And The Mess 9:40-10:05

Taylor Tote Band 10:05-10:30

Jammin’ For Jaclyn is run in conjunction with RJC Charities Inc.  It is sponsored in part by Sayerville Education Association PRIDE. For more information, to make a donation, or to purchase a 50/50 raffle ticket you can call 732-525-9536 or send an e-mail to

Online donations can be made now at 

Jammin’ For Jaclyn not only raises money for local cancer patients, it also honors the memory of Michael Squillace’s sister Jaclyn, who bravely fought the disease.  Michael Squillace will call in to Jersey Rock Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 11:30 pm. We’ll hear from a different act performing on the live stream each night. On Tuesday we’ll rock a track from The Taylor Tote Band.  Wednesday we’ll hear from Jake Tavill And Indigo Soul and on Thursday we’ll crank the latest from Nick Ryan And The Mess!

Learn more on the facebook event page or at!