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Some interesting rules are being put in place at a few so-to-be opened Japanese theme parks. Per CNN, the East and West Japan Theme Park Associations has issued new guidelines, including suggesting that attendees try not to scream on rides. This will be the norm at over 30 parks in the country, including Tokyo Disneyland, Universal Studios Japan, and DisneySea.

The outlet explains that in the guidelines, the company also gives employees suggestions on updated ways to interact with guests. They recommend, “As a new style of customer service, even when you’re wearing a mask, you can use a combination of smiley eyes, hand gestures, etc., to communicate with visitors.” Guidelines for the parks will also include more stringent cleaning procedures, implementing social distancing, and employees wearing masks and having shorter customer service interactions.

For employees of the park who either perform or have positions that make wearing a mask difficult, the guidelines recommend they stay at least one meter away from guests.

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