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Based on a bizarre conversation that kicked off today’s Morning Rat Race, we’re ranking the best inflatables in rock history!

Yes, we know…this is a strange list.  Well, guess what?  We’re strange people!

Carl and Dave had a surprisingly intense debate on the radio…and we’ve compiled the rankings (based on science and alcohol) for you!

Behold…it’s the Top 5 Rock Inflatables!  BAM!

East Side Dave 


5.) Alice Cooper: Frankenstein

We have to put one of the masters or rock theatrics on this list.

ALICE COOPER - Feed My Frankenstein - LIVE 10/22/14 Greensboro NC

Alice Cooper - From his live special guest spot on the Motley Crue "All Bad Things Must Come To An End" The Final Tour Greensboro NC October 22nd 2014 Alice ...


4.) AC/DC: Whole Lotta Rosie 

Warning!  This inflatable is kinda Not Safe For Work (unless you’re working from home)!


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3.) The Rolling Stones: Honky Tonk Woman

The Stones bring in multiple inflatable women to this classic…ranking them slightly higher than AC/DC because of it!


2.) 95.9 The RAT: Rocky

This may seem like a shameless plug…but the inflatable Rocky is over two stories high and is downright iconic!  Hey, every list needs a little controversy!


1.) Pink Floyd/Roger Waters: The Flying Pig

Roger’s flying pig not only is legendary…but it soars over the audience’s heads!  That’s why it is our Number One!

Roger Waters ( Pink Floyd ) live, Flying Pig at Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne.

Roger Waters and the flying pig up close, live in Melbourne. Amazing concert with awesome visuals and the flying pig so close you could touch it. Pig flying ...

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