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“East Coast Love” Album Out Now!

Jackson Alternative Punk Rockers The Walk Arounds are back with a brand new music video.  “High In The Shower” was fittingly released on 4/20.  In an time without live music the band wanted to release something for their fan base and they seriously hit the mark.  The track is energetic, introspective, and perfect for the lockdown era.  The lyrics sound like they could come from a person, issolated in quarantine, regretting actions that lead to being separated from someone special. The video comes across as found footage from the pre-social distancing era.  It has a great retro VHS look.

The Walk Arounds’ latest album “East Coast Love” is available now.  Check it out at!

The Walk Arounds are definitely a band to see live.  We look forward to seeing them return to the stage once the lockdown is lifted.  Keep track of everything the band is up to at

Check out the video for “High In The Shower”!

"High in the shower"

Happy 4/20 from The Walk Arounds Heres our song "high in the shower" !