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The HomeSnacks website is looking for a motivated individual to move to Pine Bluff, Arkansas, Pine Bluff has been ranked as the worst place to live in America for a number of years, due to the city’s high crime, poor public schools, economic health rank, state of real estate and overall quality of life, the community lost nearly 14% of its population over the last decade. Fifty-two percent of people are working, and 30% are living in poverty. Manufacturing jobs have left, leaving the community decimated.

The perfect candidate will be adventurous and open-minded. They’ll pay you a monthly salary and you will physically move to Pine Bluff, where your rent will be covered. You will also receive a stipend for food.  Entertainment costs will come out of your pocket.

The new Pine Bluff resident will write about their new community, interview community leaders, talk with locals, and articulate what it’s like to live in the worst place in America. You will be expected to write daily briefings and compile video reports. Perhaps you’ll meet a friend just like the guy in this article’s photo. He looks like an adventurous chap.

To apply, click this link. 

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