If you don’t follow Gene Simmons on Twitter, then you’re missing a very vigorous back-and-forth between the Demon and fans about wearing masks to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

Simmons has shared multiple tweets about masks, from KISS now selling masks where 100 percent of the proceeds are donated to Live Nation’s COVID-19 relief fund to how covering your coughs and sneezes will protect the spread of germs. Some fans have taken issue with Simmons’ tweets, and he responding in kind to them.

In one tweet, Simmons calls out a fan and then shares a screenshot of a Fox News story with the headline, “Dr. Fauci recommends people wear cloth masks in public, urges caution on coronavirus treatments.”

After a fan made a comment about everyone “except for the right-wing nut-jobs” needing to wear masks and practice social distancing, Simmons responded with, “Jason, lots of left-wing nut-jobs, too. This ain’t politics. Covid-19 doesn’t give a squat if you’re left-wing or right-wing. Let’s get together, once and for all.”

After another fan responded to Simmons saying, “Sorry Gene, some of us don’t have the luxury of mansions and have to go to work,” Simmons responded with, “This has nothing to do with mansions. Cut it out. Just wear masks to prevent other people from getting whatever it is you may have. And stop the blame game. This affects every one of us. You and I. Cut it out.”

There are plenty of other responses from the Demon on his Twitter to check out, and we do mean plenty. Simmons is clearly not messing around when it comes to wearing masks, and if you feel like challenging him, don’t be surprised if you get a response.


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