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Bon Jovi keyboardist David Bryan announced that he had tested positive for coronavirus in a post to Instagram on March 21. The Hall of Fame rocker joined Carl, Dave, and Gotts of The Morning Rat Race on-air live to discuss his current situation.

Bryan had been working on his musical ‘Diana: A True Musical Story‘ in New York City when Broadway went dark. When he arrived back to his New Jersey home he started to experience COVID-19 symptoms and immediately went to see his doctor, Michael Rothberg, located in Brick.

The 58-year-old describes COVID-19 as a “nasty virus” and also wants to “calm the fear down” for everyone listening. Bryan’s wife, Lexi, has also tested positive for coronavirus, however, she did not have any of the symptoms.

Bryan revealed to 95.9 WRAT that the worst of it is has come but he is “slowly getting better.” While he’s home fighting the virus, his piano helps sooth his soul through the process.

In addition, the founding member of Bon Jovi opened up to The Morning Rat Race in our exclusive interview about his new musical based on the life story of Princess Diana. Bryan provided all of the music and lyrics for the show and expressed how important it is to tell her story as she was a “force of good.”

Bryan is looking forward to getting back out there, especially at the Jersey Shore, which he calls the “breathing ground for music.” He believes it’s going to be a different positive world when we overcome the coronavirus outbreak, or in Bryan’s words, when the “pause switch goes back to play.”

“I just got my results back today and tested positive for coronavirus. I’ve been sick for a week and feeling better each day. Please don’t be afraid!!! It’s the flue not the plague. I have been quarantined for a week and will for another week. And when I feel better I’ll get tested again to make sure I’m free of this nasty virus. Please help out each other. This will be over soon… with the help of every American,” Bryan shared to Instagram.