With the Coronavirus pandemic bearing down on New Jersey, life has become at best challenging.  No industry has been more challenged perhaps than restaurants which because of the drastic social distancing measures put in place by state and local government has all but shut down completely.  That hasn’t however stopped a group of local restaurateurs from stepping up and digging into their pockets to help their communities in this time of need.

Organized by a local Businessman, Martin Mabe of Ocean Township, a group that has grown to 13 restaurants have begun this week providing lunch and dinner to the medical and administrative staff at The Jersey Shore Medical Center as part of “Operation Feed the Heroes”.  Each day, Martin or one of his helpers pick up and deliver trays of sandwiches, wraps, pasta, salads, pizza, and any number of gourmet entrees, sometimes twice a day, to the Doctors, Nurses, EMT’s, and staff working on the frontlines of this medical emergency.

The restaurants hail from Asbury Park, Bradley Beach, Neptune, Spring Lake, and Ocean Township.  “What started as an idea to help just one or two of my restaurant friends”, Martin says, “grew to a small army of restaurants looking to help out once Sylvia Sylvia of the Asbury Park Chamber of Commerce got involved”.

Martin’s concern right now is that with the restaurants all virtually closed to the public, they won’t be able to continue to provide for the 75 – 100 staff on hand at the hospital’s E.R.  ‘While not one of them has complained, and in fact are all happy to be of some help, but I know the food costs must be killing them” he says.

“I care that the Doctors and Nurses at the Hospital continue to get these truly appreciated meals.  Most of them are working 12+ hour shifts with many not going home for fear of exposing their families to the virus.  I know there are folks out there that want to help but don’t know how, so here is what I would ask”,

Call any one of the restaurants on the list below and say I would like a “to-go” order for the Hospital.  No need to specify food, just let them know how much of a donation they can charge your card for.  The second, and probably most important, is once this crisis has passed, and the Shore once again celebrates the Summer we all have waited for, that you patronize these restaurants.  These are the folks that stepped up when we needed them most, in spite of their own adversity.  These are the merchants and businesses we want to thrive in our communities.

Martin says that he will continue to provide whatever meal services he can to the Hospital staff for as long as this crisis continues, or until the restaurants can no longer provide.

The amazing restaurant partners currently providing service for 100 at a time are below, with some like The Elbow Room and Marandola’s in Bradley Beach covering multiple mealtimes each week.

The Elbow Room 416 Main Street Bradley Beach
Marandola’s 608 Main Street Bradley Beach
The Headliner in Neptune 1401 Rt 35 Neptune City, Neptune
Asbury Park Roastery 803 Second Avenue, Asbury Park
Crust & Crumble 633 Lake Avenue, Asbury Park
Diet Gourmet 167 Lincoln Avenue, Long Branch
Domesticated Dad 821 Belmar Plaza
Modine 601 Mattison Ave, Asbury Park
MOGO 632 Cookman Ave., Asbury Park
Oakhurst Pizza 2001 Bellmore St. Town Sq. Mall
Spring Lake Manor 415 Rt 71, Spring Lake
Twisted Tree 609 Cookman Ave, Asbury Park



For those interested in participating as a provider, assisting with delivery, or donating to the amazing restaurants in the program, please E-mail Martin directly at feedtheherosNJ@gmail.com.