Point Pleasant Beach is taking the necessary actions in order to help New Jersey during this uncertain time. NJ.com reported the town has closed its boardwalk temporarily and plans to ban vacation rentals until the coronavirus pandemic is under control.

With the cooperation of Jenkinsons and Martells, Point Pleasant Beach is looking to maintain public health and safety in the community. The statement below revealed that if the town sees instances of social distancing not taking place, they will be forced to close access points to the beach as well.

Prior to Mayor Paul Kanitra’s announcement, the town reported its first positive test for the coronavirus. Point Pleasant Beach has proactively been taking the steps in order to help everyone work together as one to minimize the pandemic’s effect.

“Our tourists are incredibly important and we don’t take these measures lightly,” Kanitra told NJ.com. “We look forward to welcoming the state back when it’s appropriate.”

Click below to read the full statement from the Borough of Point Pleasant Beach.