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I know a lot of people are living in fear and are stressed out trying to separate fact from fiction regarding the Coronavirus. Just continue to practice social distancing and follow basic health guidelines like washing your hands more frequently than normal and wiping down surfaces.  Don’t forget to wipe down your phone, your shoes, and wash your clothes after you’ve gone out to shop for necessities.  You can use cleaning products like Clorox, Lysol, Microban and hydrogen peroxide to sanitize all the surfaces in your home. Make sure you focus on cleaning all the doorknobs, light switches, toilet seats, countertops and other high traffic areas.

You really need to protect your mental health as well. Ongoing stress makes us susceptible to illness and disease because the brain sends defense signals to the endocrine system, which then releases an array of hormones that not only gets us ready for emergency situations but severely depresses our immunity at the same time. Some experts claim that stress is responsible for as much as 90% of all illnesses.   You can Google relaxation exercises to help alleviate stress.  Also, immerse yourself in the power of positive thinking, negativity and anger depress the immune system too.

I normally eat foods and take some supplements to help boost my immune system.  I’ve been practicing this long before the threat of Covid-19. None of the items I’m about to list will stave off the virus, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to attempt to strengthen your immune system. Check out this list:

Blueberries, green tea, dark chocolate (YUM), citrus fruits, like grapefruit, oranges, lemons, clementines, limes, almonds, turmeric, and spinach. I take Red Marine Algae, Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin D and a Multi-vitamin for extra measure. I have heard probiotics, elderberry syrup, and spirulina are helpful as well.

Feel free to do research on any of the items I mentioned, perhaps it’ll ease your mind.  Stay safe and healthy, and don’t overdose on the news, especially the doom and gloom kind. We’re all in this together, let’s try to lift each other up.