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WASHINGTON - NOVEMBER 18: Comedian Jerry Seinfeld stands for photos with the shirt from episode 66, "The Puffy Shirt" of Seinfeld at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History on November 18, 2004 in Washington, DC. Jerry Seinfeld took part in a ceremony to donate the puffy shirt to the museum. (Photo by Stephen Boitano/Getty Images)

PlayStation 4 has just released a video game where you can build your own worlds…..and someone made a Seinfeld Horror Game that looks amazing!

Here are the details.   The name of the PS4 game that you need first is called Dreams.   And in Dreams, users can create their own boards and missions.

So, some person or group called Rare Bird Interactive, and they are behind Seinfeld: The Horror Game.

In the game, you the player are Jerry’s nephew Donathan; and you must explore a very haunted and creepy Seinfeld Universe until you find Jerry.

You travel through Jerry and Kramer’s respective apartments…and you even visit a frightening version of Monk’s Diner.

Throughout this silly and scary adventure, you will encounter horrifying villains…such as Mr. Marbles…Kramer’s ventriloquist puppet that terrifies Jerry in an episode of the TV show.  Be careful…..or Mr. Marbles will kill you!

Check out the videos below for this insanely-awesome-looking game!

– East Side Dave

Jerry’s Apartmernt

Seinfeld Horror Game UPDATE - 02.23.20

Jerry is missing and it's up to his super sharp nephew Donathan to sift through the madness and piece together some sanity in this First Person Horror experi...


Kramer’s/Jerry’s Apartments

Seinfeld Horror Game Update - 02.25.20

Just a quick updated version with better sound and more of the secret Easter eggs. Hoping to make this very interactive and fun to explore.


Monk’s Diner

Seinfeld Horror Game Update - 03.01.20

Creating the basic environment for the Diner, we will most likely separate the exterior and interior for technical reasons. It will allow us to create more d...


More Awesome And Weird Gameplay Moments

Seinfeld Horror Game Update - 03.09.20

Jerry rips the roof off the building. --------- Creating a Seinfeld Horror Experience! Twitch: Patreon: https://www...


Early Demo

Untitled Seinfeld Horror Game - Work In Progress (DREAMS PS4)

If you want to help build a Seinfeld Nightmare let me know what you'd like to help out with and we'll giddy up. --------- Creating a Seinfeld Horror Experien...


Trailer for DREAMS

Dreams - Launch Trailer | PS4 Discover amazing creations from players around the world and play in an ever-expanding Dreamiverse bursti...


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