If your child has a Tik Tok account, you may want to sit down with them immediately. The now viral “skull breaker challenge” has led to prosecutors charging two Cherry Hill middle schoolers for giving a classmate a concussion.

WHYY revealed that the boy is back in school and likely experienced a seizure “after his head slammed the floor.” The incident occurred back in January, however, the father of the 13-year-old victim, Marc Shenker, is now speaking out about his recovery.

“Our concern is that our son is recuperating and getting better,” Shenker told WHYY. “Hopefully the boys will have learned a very, very valuable lesson to never do something like this again.”

According to WHYY, the challenge starts off with “three people standing side-by-side taking turns jumping in the air.” The end goal of this “skull breaker challenge” is to send the person “careening backward.”

The Camden County Prosecutor’s Office has since charged the two minors with third-degree Aggravated Assault and third-degree Endangering and injured victim for their participation in the Tik Tok challenge.