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Footage from the Foo Fighters’ fourth-ever live show has surfaced via Foo Fighters Live.

The show itself took place on March 4, 1995 at the Velvet Elvis Arts Lounge Theater in Seattle. Per the video’s description on YouTube, “…it was believed among fans that a video existed, but it had never surfaced. Until now. The original video had no audio due to a technical error, so an also new secondary audio source has been dubbed over the video. Owing to time constraints making this 25th anniversary date the sync is not perfect, but it’s pretty close.”

Embedded below, the video and audio recording of the event was recorded by Travis Stanley and Ryan Fox, while the transferring and editing of the clip was by Nick Serra, Rob Landis and

The Foo Fighters will be honoring their 25th anniversary with a new batch of tour dates beginning April 12 in Phoenix, Ariz. For a complete list of tour dates and full ticket details, head over to

Foo Fighters – March 4, 1995 – Velvet Elvis Arts Lounge Theater, Seattle, WA. – Setlist

Big Me
For All The Cows
I’ll Stick Around
Alone + Easy Target

Foo Fighters live at Velvet Elvis Arts Lounge, Seattle, WA - March 4th 1995 - COMPLETE VIDEO!

After 25 years we at are proud to present to you this long rumoured video! Foo Fighters performed at the Velvet Elvis Arts Lounge Theater...


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