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Jersey Rock

Hosted By Tom Hanley Tue., Wed. & Thur. 11:30pm

Rocking The Asbury Lanes This Friday 3/7! 

On 2/20/2020 Vendetta Rose helped kick off this year’s Jersey Rock Showcase Series with a solid, stellar bang.  The Moto Records recording artists, while still young, perform with all the power of Rock N’ Roll veterans.  Their look and their sound reveals a lot of old school inspiration while at the same time feeling fresh.  Vendetta Rose does not look to imitate, but rather stands on the foundation of what came before to reach for their own star.

Don’t miss Vendetta Rose at The Asbury Lanes this Friday 3/7.  They’re headlinging a killer bill which includes Reality Suite, Nick Ryan & The Mess, and The Flukes.  Tickets are available at

Vendetta Rose’s “Tilted Directions” EP is out now on all streaming platforms.  Find all your listening options at

“Over And Under” is a song about “overcoming abuse and power.”  It’s heavy subject matter is drawn from real life experience.  Cutting between epic shots of the band performing, and a story acted out by Brian Nowak, Peggy Woods, and Emilio DePasquale, the video does an excellent job of illustrating the track. It was directed by Ryan Hutchins.  Check it out!

Vendetta Rose - Over and Under (Official Music Video)

Official music video for "Over and Under" by Vendetta Rose off their debut EP 'Tilted Directions' - out everywhere!. Based on a true story about overcoming a...