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WILTON MANORS, FLORIDA - JANUARY 29: Sweetheart candy hearts are seen on the shelf at the To The Moon Marketplace on January 29, 2019 in Wilton Manors, Florida. William Newcomb who works at the store said, 'they stocked up early on the heart shape candy after learning that the Necco company had filed for bankruptcy protection and went out of business.' The Sweetheart candy was being made by Necco since 1886 and is in short supply after the company went out of business as Valentine’s Day approaches. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Most are blank or totally messed up.

Sweethearts conversation hearts are on sale this year . . . after disappearing last year when the company behind them switched owners.  But they’re not REALLY back.

Their new owners, the Spangler Candy Company, admitted last month that there would be some hearts this year that came out blank or with messed up messages on them because the printer for the hearts BROKE and couldn’t be repaired in time.

But the situation is WAY WORSE than we thought.

A candy company opened 10 boxes of conversation hearts and found that only 3% of them actually look good, with a clear message printed in the right spot.

65% were blank . . . 8% had a partial print . . . and 24% had unintelligible markings.

The average box has around 25 hearts in it . . . so that means only ONE OR TWO hearts looked perfect.

At this rate, you’d be better off buying a sharpie and writing your own message…

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