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If you’ve always been looking for a quick escape to the Jersey Shore or a timely commute to New York City, you’re in luck. A new major redevelopment plan includes a proposal to have a direct ferry from New York City to Belmar.

Although the proposal has yet to be finalized, the plan would make it walkable to downtown as well as Shark River Marina and the Belmar train station. According to CBS New York, it would also bring a 100-room hotel and conference center at the north end of town.

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CBS New York has reported that the redevelopment plan will revitalize the Seaport area behind the Route 35 bridge. This would provide more transit options for the 60,000 people residing in Belmar every summer and of course benefit all commuters.

The direct ferry from New York City to Belmar, New Jersey would be a 50-minute ride and hold up to 450 passengers. Just think, you would gain so much more time having some fun in the sun instead of worrying about traffic jams or train delays.