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Man I took a bath this year during football season! Well actually I only bet a dollar or two each week via my phone app, so I maybe lost 40 bucks total, but I just always wanted to say “Man I took a bath!”  Anyway, I’m gonna win it all back on Big Game Sunday! Yup, I’m gonna bet on everything from the length of the  National Anthem, to whether or not J-Lo is gonna have a wardrobe malfunction (I’ll take the over on that!)


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Ya see, it doesn’t really matter if you’re a San Fran guy or an Arrowhead gal. Or, if you like Jimmy G’s mug, or Patty’s hair. Or even if you don’t care for football, because this my friends is the one Sunday where the ‘Bowl takes a backseat to the ‘Book!

Online betting sites like Fanduel and Draft Kings will be taking legal Big Game bets for the second straight year here in Jersey, and while we can’t legally smoke weed like in some states, we can drop a dime on whether the eagle will land on it’s head or it’s ass during the coin toss! So we got that going for us! Hey, the game is in Miami this year, maybe I can wager if it’s gonna rain??? Or snow? Now that’s gotta be killer odds, right??????


Did I mention I took a bath this year?