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Dave Grohl hasn’t just given us some of our favorite music of the past three decades; he’s also provided us with some of rock’s best viral moments.

Honestly, and this isn’t hyperbole in any way, but Dave Grohl is simply magic. In honor of his birthday today (January 14), here’s a look at just 10 of Grohl’s best viral moments.


Impersonating Christopher Walken introducing the Foo Fighters as the musical guest on ‘Saturday Night Live.’

Dave Grohl impersonates Christopher Walken

During our Chris Moyles meets Foo Fighters interview, Dave Grohl decided to dust off his old (and very good) Chris Walken impression. Enjoy! Never miss a beat (or riff) by subscribing to Radio X here Get deeper into the music by visiting Radio X is the world's best indie rock radio channel for music news, live performances and interviews with the world's biggest rockstars.

When the Foo Fighters played a special show for the town of Cesena, Italy after
their own viral mass jam of “Learn To Fly.” 

Dave Grohl Foo Fighters Cesena 03/11 thanks speech

Dave Grohl thanks Rockin 1000 players


Falling off stage in Sweden and breaking his leg only to return and finish the gig. 

Dave Grohl - "I think I just broke my leg" Sweden 2015

Dave Grohl falls off stage and breaks his leg during the second song Monkey Wrench at the Foo Fighters concert in Gothenburg, Sweden. Within an hour, he's back on stage and he finish the show.


His drum-off with Animal. 


Fakes falling off the stage at the same venue where he fell off stage and broke his leg. 

"Dave Grohl" falls off the stage at Ullevi... AGAIN!

Foo Fighters pulled a prank on fans in Gothenberg, Sweden, where Dave Grohl severely broke his leg after falling off the stage three years previous. In the opening moments of the band's return to Gothenberg's Ullevi Stadium, a fake "Dave" joined his bandmates onstage and ran out onto the catwalk, where the stunt double slipped and fell into the area between the crowd and the stage.


Busking at Pike Place Market in Seattle with Brandi Carlile.

Tipping $333 on a bar tab so the bill’s total could be $666. 


Chugs a beer on stage and almost falls off…again! 

Dave Grohl Falls Off Stage at Las Vegas Show

Watch Dave Fall Off Stage again

Brings guitar to a blind child to play with during Foo Fighters gig. 


Playing “Satan” during a ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ bit.

God & Satan Visit Jimmy Kimmel

There's a controversial holiday-themed statue being displayed at the state capital in Springfield, Illinois called the "Snaketivity," which is on loan from the Satanic Temple of Chicago. The state is allowing this to be displayed because of the first amendment, but religious leaders are understandably upset.


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