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Dateline, Florida… Capital of the No Sweat News…

Cops in Tampa Bay put together a prostitution sting that caught up 124 guys.  It was operation Santa’s Naughty List.

No shocker there.  It’s the oldest profession, it happens.

But, this is different because one of the johns… that’s someone who uses the service of a prostitute, Dave.  Not sure if you know that.

One of them showed up for his connection totally, 100% naked.  Right down to his socks.

Check it out, here’s his video.  Oh, and he’s a Disney Security Guard.

So lemme get this straight, you’re doing something illegal.  You know it’s illegal.  But you show up completely naked anyway.  Not even shoes?

Here’s the video of the undercover bust that the cops released.  Shield your eyes!


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